Spousal and Child Support

Spousal Support

Divorce can cause economic anxiety for either spouse. The supported spouse may become concerned that spousal support will not be enough to enable him/her to live in our beautiful community. The support payor may become frustrated that spousal support cannot be afforded.

Law Office of Renee M. Fairbanks works with clients in securing spousal support awards that are consistent with the parties’ financial circumstances and station in life. Law Office of Renee M. Fairbanks has considerable experience working with forensic accountants, who can determine what cash-flow or income is available for spousal support. Ensuring that a spousal support is rooted in the actual circumstances of the parties, requires a law firm with experience in understanding complex financial issues and entities. Law Office of Renee M. Fairbanks has such experience and has successfully represented support recipients and payors in spousal support proceedings.

Child Support

Child support in California follows a State-wide guideline, which considers the gross income for both parents and the custodial time-share. Determining gross income can be difficult, particularly when one parent is not forthcoming with his or her income sources. For that reason, it is essential that a family law attorney have a working knowledge of income streams and how they can be manipulated. Law Office of Renee M. Fairbanks has extensive experience in securing child support orders that are just and based upon the parties’ true financial circumstances.

Law Office of Renee M. Fairbanks often works with forensic accountants in determining cash flow available for support from the following sources:

  1. S-corporations;
  2. C-corporations;
  3. Limited liability partnerships and companies;
  4. Rental properties;
  5. Sole proprietorships; and,
  6. Trusts.

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